My Love of Photography

A little more about me and why I love photography....



My journey into photography began many years ago when I was a young child.

I used to spend many holiday's with my trusty Kodak 35mm camera as my companion and I can happily remember trying to pick the right film for the weather and eagerly looking forward to receiving the prints back from the developers, almost counting down the days from when I sent in my rolls of film in their little black plastic tubes. 

Sadly my love affair was somewhat cut short after my trusty camera died an unceremonious death on a beach in Devon and as I entered into senior school I lost touch with my love of photography, starting to fill my time with sports, schoolwork and hanging out with friends.

However a few years ago I was given a bridge camera that my parents couldn’t get to grips with claiming it was “far too big and cumbersome”. Playing with this sparked my love of photography once again and after a few “wow, that’s a really good photo” from friends & relatives, it made me head onto the internet to hone my skills…

And that’s where I’m at now….

After a few years of playing with the bridge camera I outgrew its limitations and needed to get a DSLR with interchangeable lenses to progress my skills that little bit further. Since then I have bought my first DSLR in the form of a Pentax K5 and I have subsequently had my work published in Digital Photographer Magazine (UK) as well as having my work used in JPG Magazine (USA online edition) on various occasions. 

I have also had some of my work showcased in a small gallery in New York (USA) leading myself to design my own online gallery where my work can be purchased. Please scroll to the top of the page and click SHOP for more information on purchasing any of my photos.